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Back to life, back to reality

Get your head back in the medical game with some tips, advice, and guidance from the experts.

The weather is cooling off. The leaves are starting to turn. Fall is almost upon us, which means it’s time to switch over from shorts to pants, trade your iced coffee for a pumpkin spiced latte, and go from relaxation mode back to beast mode. But we know that shaking off the summer rust isn’t always easy. So here are some exclusive articles and resources from onboardMD that will help you make the transition.

Get Inspired

To reconnect with your med school studies, it might help to remember why you got into all of this in the first place. You can read about how one young doctor rediscovered his purpose by launching a charitable organization that helps underserved communities in rural Africa, and you can check out our interview with Dr. Mitchell Abrams, a physician, musician, and educator who has taken a unique approach to wellness practices for patients and doctors alike.

Get Psyched Up

Getting away from the classroom can provide a nice (and necessary) break from the stress of studying—but it might also mean that you need a little boost to get your momentum going. Don’t let doubt creep in. Read Dr. Nancy Yen Shipley’s advice about how to fight your way through imposter syndrome, and, if you’re feeling a bit lost after a summer of soul-searching, follow up with our quick guide on how to make big decisions by asking yourself the right questions.

Get Your Finances in Order

A return to school means a return to routine (however much routine a med student can expect to have). That means it’s time to start thinking about your budget, and how you’re going to make it through the year without breaking the bank. You can read our big-picture rundown of all the borrowing options available to med students, which covers everything from government loans and lines of credit to what happens to your debt when you go into practice, and then find out how to manage that money with the burrito exchange rate (yes, it’s an actual thing, and it totally works). 

Get a View of the Future

Getting back into the swing of things means thinking about the future. And if you’re curious about what kind of world you’ll be practicing medicine in, there’s no better source than Dr. Brian Goldman, host of CBC Radio’s White Coat, Black Art. Read our exclusive 2-part interview with the broadcaster/physician and get his unique perspective on where the health-care system is headed—and what we can do to fix it.

Get Our New App

You may have heard that onboardMD has finally gone mobile—and you might be wondering how it works (that is, if you don’t happen to be reading this article on the app already). Check out our full walkthrough of all the new features and functionality that are going to make your medical journey simpler than ever, then listen to the latest episode of our MD Vitals podcast, in which Alok Ahuja from the onboardMD team talks about the development process, the new tools available to you, and what our users should be most excited about!