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Explore the new onboardMD app!

A look at all the new features and functionality that are going to make your medical journey simpler than ever

Our journey to mobile is finally complete, which means that your journey to becoming a Canadian physician just got a little bit easier. All your favourite tools are back and better than ever, and we also have a few new tricks up our sleeve—all of them designed to be intuitive, easy-to-use, and indispensable to pre-meds and med students like you. Before you tap the download button, you can see everything our new app has in store for you below.


Your Profile

When you first sign in, we’ll ask you a few questions about who you are, where you’re from, what your goals are, and where you’re currently at on your journey to becoming a Canadian physician. This allows us to give you a unique, tailored view of the most relevant assets and information as you use the app.

You can also tell us how you’re planning on using the app: to connect with peers, find a mentor, or perform research using our tools. Your answer will help us give you the content you need and guide the development of onboardMD as it evolves.


Learning Tools

You’ll find all of our incredible learning tools in the carousel menu at the top of your home screen. Just tap the one you want to use or select “view all” to see a list.

Browse is where you’ll get all the essential information you need about the 17 medical schools in Canada. Scroll through the alphabetical list to find the school you want to explore, get a snapshot view of the program’s length and number of seats, then tap to see the full school page with all their academic requirements and further details about their application process. 


Assess will help you figure out which schools you’re eligible to apply to. When you arrive on the tool page, you’ll answer a few simple questions about where you live, what your test scores are, as well as your academic history (including your GPA). 

Once you’ve filled in all the fields, a list will appear at the bottom of the page telling you which schools you qualify to apply to—and why you’re not qualifying for others. 

Specialty Navigator lets you to compare the medical specialties you might be considering. On the tool page, tap the “Select Specialties” button, and select from the list the three specialties you’d like to compare. 

Scroll down to see how they stack up against each other: information about residency length, gross pay, work/life balance, and more, will be listed side-by-side in the columns below. You can save these comparisons by tapping the menu button to the right of the specialty selection, then selecting the “Save Comparisons” button in the dropdown menu. If you want to access your saved comparisons, simply tap the “My Comparisons” button.

Interviews is where you’ll find insider information and expert advice about how to approach – and survive – the med school interview process. Once you get to the tool page, just scroll down to explore the different topics. To return to the Interviews menu or to explore a different topic, you can tap the colourful icons just above the app navigation menu at the bottom of the screen.




You’ll find all of our amazing real-life stories in Magazine, which you can find in the Learning Tools carousel at the top of the home screen. Once inside Magazine, scroll down to see all of our latest articles and stories from practicing physicians, residents, medical experts, and students just like you.

You can bookmark your favorite pieces for later reference, and the coloured tag beneath the headline will tell you how long the read will take you. 



Journey gives you a big-picture view of your medical journey, from pre-med to practice (and everything in between). It’s accessible through the main menu at the bottom of the home screen. Using the information from your profile, Journey will give you a personalized view of where you are, what you’re going to do next, and what you should be doing to prepare. 

The carousel menu at the top allows you to see what year you’re in, and lets you look ahead to future years and the tasks that await you. Scroll down to see some of the goals and milestone you’re facing. 

You can ignore or complete each task by tapping on the corresponding button.

Once you’ve completed all your tasks (and earned some high fives), you’ll have the option to move to the next step—which will open up a new list of goals and milestones. 



Timeline will automatically enter important dates into your onboardMD calendar. It’s accessible through the main menu at the bottom of the home screen. On the main Timeline screen, you’ll see today’s date, and, below it, all of the important deadlines listed in chronological order. 

You can tap the heart icon to save the deadlines that are most important to you. Tap the arrow to expand for more details; in the expanded state, you’ll find options to submit to that specific deadline, archive it, or check the source, all by tapping the corresponding buttons. 

You can filter the number of deadlines you’re seeing by tapping the black “Filters” bar just above the main menu at the bottom of the screen. This menu also allows you to see which deadlines you’ve favourited and which ones you’ve archived.



You can instantly book a meeting with an MD Financial Early Career Advisor by tapping on your profile picture and then on the Contact an Advisor button on left hand side of the menu. From there, select “Book a meeting”. 

If you want to get to know our advisors a bit better, you can tap the “About our advisors” button and scroll through bios of all the MD advisors who are available in your area. Then, you can select the perfect advisor for you and your needs.


Tell a Friend

In your profile menu at the top left side of the home screen, you’ll find a feature called “Tell a Friend” – this will give you the option to select a specific tool (or the whole onboardMD platform) and recommend it to a friend by sharing a link by e-mail, text, or directly through an app on your phone. 



You can access to the resources page in your profile menu. Once you’re there, you can select an option from the icons at the top of the page to get content that’s relevant to where you are in your medical journey, or you can browse by topic by scrolling through the “I am interested in…” menu below.

You can also bookmark articles and posts to read later; your bookmarked pages will appear at the bottom of this page. 

Want to learn more? Listen to our latest podcast, or read up about the cool new features that the app will offer.

Stay tuned! We’re so close to launch!