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Top 5 most popular posts this month

Information, insights, and inspiration to simplify your complicated life

Sometimes the best way to take care of your patients is to take care of yourself. That’s why Magazine takes you beyond the headlines to hear directly from the students, residents, and doctors who are living through the medical life—just like you.

Here are our top physician stories from July 2018:


Physician health and well-being

At no time in history has it been more stressful to be a physician. Dr. Jeff Blackmer, Vice President of Medical Professionalism at the Canadian Medical Association, shares a personal story about burnout and how it changed the way he saw – and dealt with – the unique expectations physicians face.

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Why I’m becoming a physician 

After being employed as a critical care nursing officer in the Canadian Armed Forces for 12 years, Stephanie Smith decided to go to medical school so that she could pursue one of the military’s most vibrant and rewarding careers: Medical Officer.

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Football dreams do come true

Dr. Ali Ibrahim grew up in the suburbs of Cairo, Egypt. When his family emigrated to Canada, playing football was a quick way to break the language barrier and make friends—and now he’s representing Canada at the World Medical Football Cup alongside other doctors from across the country.

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Unexpected, unspoken, super-secret lifehacks for surviving med school

From mindfulness practice to making enemies (and even having more sex), these are the real tips and tricks that will get you through med school with your soul intact.

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The three lessons I learned from cancer 

When Shihan Rajasingham was diagnosed with nodular sclerosis Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in the middle of his surgical clerkship rotation, he wondered if he would ever make it back to medicine. But by remaining engaged in his life, and choosing to see himself through a different lens, he was able to turn his unexpected illness into a life-defining moment.

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Rebecca Breslin
An experimenter at heart, Rebecca is always looking for ways to express her creativity. As a knowledge-seeker and advice-giver, she is committed to helping Canadian medical students, residents and all Early Career physicians live their best lives today! When she's not working, Rebecca is a world traveller with a passion for reading, writing and yoga. As a certified yoga instructor she is always looking for opportunities to grow as both a student and a teacher.