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We're going mobile!

onboardMD is getting ready to launch a new mobile app that will empower pre-meds, med students, residents and new-to-practice physicians across Canada

When we first launched onboardMD two years ago, we had a simple goal: to find out what kind of help pre-med and med students really wanted when it came to navigating their medical careers.

The truth is, there have always been a lot of places where you can get guidance and advice about med school. But most of them are so busy telling you what they think you need to know that they don’t stop to consider what you might want to know. Imagine visiting a doctor who immediately offered you a prescription without hearing any of your symptoms.

So, we created onboardMD as a remedy to that. And, when we did, something extraordinary happened. We were joined by more than 5000 active users who began contributing valuable feedback about life was really like for pre-med and med students—what they knew, what they didn’t know, what kept them up at night, and what motivated them to keep working hard.

Thanks to them, we were able to gather the essential information and develop the tools that helped students across the country get into med school, match for residency, and even transition into the exciting (and maybe a little scary) world of being a real-life practicing physician!

Making connections is vital to what we do. Which is why we’ve spent the last year travelling around to med-related events throughout the country, where we can meet our core users face-to-face. One of the questions our discovery team keeps getting over and over again is: when will this be a mobile app!?

But before we could answer that question, we had to ask one of ourselves: what could we do in a mobile application that we weren’t already doing online—and how could it continue to help us learn even more about what you want (and need) to succeed? We took on this challenge and have spent much of the last year architecting a world-class experience that will be unlike anything you’ve seen from us so far. In short, we wanted to go BIG.

We started with what you already loved about onboardMD, and reverse-engineered the experience from there, enhancing and adding elements of interactivity that makes the experience that much better. onboardMD has always been much more than just a resource—and we’re doubling down on that: we envision a platform where you can share your goals, your experiences, and, in return, get personalized coaching and advice based on exactly where you’re at on your journey into medicine. Most importantly of all, we want to create a community—one that will help you find the right answers and connect you with like-minded people who are facing the same challenges, asking the same questions, and working hard towards the same goals. Our onboardMD users have often asked about peer-to-peer connections and mentorship, and that will be the basis of our community—a safe, supportive space where you can collaborate, grow, and share with students and physicians just like you.

And today, after all that hard work, we can finally tell you that the launch of onboardMD Mobile isn’t too far away. In the next little while, we’ll be dropping a few sneak peeks and exclusive updates. If you want to receive them, sign up on the right, and when the app goes live, you’ll be the first to know!