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2019: A new app, hockey doctors, burrito-based money tips, and more!

It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating the arrival of 2018—and facing the uncertainty of the year ahead. But med students know better than anyone that life comes at you fast in the world of medicine: one day you’re preparing applications, the next you’re writing exams, and then you’re researching, studying, and writing more exams, then you’ll have to prepare some more applications, make some major life decisions, and then – guess what? – more exams!

Our goal at onboardMD is to help you manage all that—and as 2019 kicks into high gear, we’ll be adding even more content, improving our tools, creating new ones, and learning more about you and what will help you on your journey to becoming a physician in Canada.

One of the most valuable (and fulfilling) things we do is meet students and physicians like you face-to-face, in real-life, and have conversations with you about what you love about medicine, what stresses you out, what you know (and what you wish you knew), what you hope for, and…well, generally, whatever is on your mind. Already in 2019 we’ve had the chance to meet some amazing med students from across the country at MedGames in Montreal, and we’re looking forward to meeting more of you at various upcoming events across the country later this year. Based on our conversations with you, we’ll develop and introduce a whole bunch of new resources, as well as some new tools that will give you a fresh perspective on all the vital information you need to make the important decisions that will define your medical career.

In the past year, we published dozens of articles in our Magazine—from tips and tricks about how to survive the most stressful periods of your schooling, to real stories from real students and physicians about their firsthand experiences in the world of medicine (you can check out our most popular articles of 2018). We also added new content to our resources section, including a series of articles on the mysteries and misconceptions of residency matching and how to effectively transition from residency to practice.

We’re starting off 2019 with a little something to help you keep your new year’s resolutions in check: an introduction to the basics of building a financial plan to get you through med school and beyond without breaking the bank. You’ll also be seeing more profiles of Canadian doctors who are pursuing a unique path in medicine, from an emergency physician who started a sustainable healthcare initiative in Uganda, to the head physician for one of Canada’s most successful hockey franchises.

Last year we doubled our number of users, which means that more and more of you are exploring – and contributing to – our tools and solutions. Which was particularly awesome, since our mandate is to build a platform that meets the actual needs of young physicians. The guidance you give us is what keeps us headed in the right direction. So, thank you! You’ve helped us make 2018 an incredible success—and 2019 is promising to be even better. We hope to see you there (while you’re not writing exams and/or preparing applications, that is).

Good luck this year, and we hope to see you soon—whether on the platform or in real life!


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